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Michael McKeown, owner of Wine Country Web Services, started his working life as an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force. When he got out, he went to A&P school (civilian aircraft mechanic school), and then continued his education in mechanical engineering. His first job out of college was doing mechanical design for Westinghouse, a contractor for the Naval Shipyard at Mare Island, doing submarine design, then in the petrochemical industry designing process piping. His last job was doing radiant heat design for high end custom homes.

Michael says his first computer was a brand new little Mac Classic with a tiny black and white screen. Being an entrepreneurial sort, he found his way online in those early text only days, growing his composites business by participating in online industry forums. This business grew to the point he left the work-a-day world and entered the work all the time world of the self employed.

A few years later he upgraded and taught himself Photoshop, Illustrator, and back then, GoLive which would later become Dreamweaver.

Attending MacWorld Expo every year Michael spent every day of each year’s event sitting through the seminars put on by Adobe, and thus as the years passed acquired the knowledge that young people today go to college to learn.

Michael built web sites for every hobby and friend while gaining skill in web code. As the years went by that education came to include HTML, SQL, PHP, Flash, CSS and more.

Michael built his own miniature server farm to host his web sites and monetize that aspect of the new internet technologies. This was back in the day before apps for running a server like Plesk and Cpanel, so Michael learned how to directly manipulate the files and systems that serve up web sites and emails.

Michael says this background of knowledge allows him today to solve code and server problems in often creative out of the box thinking ways that impress his big business clients.

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